Course Content

This course is designed to improve real estate licensees' knowledge of green energy, green housing, green lending, and the types of green certification available for buildings, systems, and licensees so that licensees may better serve clients who are interested in green living or building. The housing market is becoming increasingly greener, due in part to regulatory demand, and in part to consumer demand. Licensees completing this course will be able to identify the techniques used in green building, the benefits of green building for energy efficiency, resource conservation, and marketability; the types of green certification available and how they apply to systems, housing and licensees; and how to appropriately refer green contractors and other vendors. This course serves as a must-have guide for gaining an overall perspective of the green housing movement, and how licensees may best serve clients interested in green real estate.

Course Outline

Green Real Estate 101:

  • Factors driving the green housing movement
  • Definitions of “green,” “sustainable,” and “renewable energy.”
  • Green building strategies
  • The value of green certification to homeowners, buyers, and builders, and define the major types of green certification available

Green Solutions:

  • Indoor air-quality issues and improvement measures
  • The purpose and process of an energy audit
  • Energy and water-saving options for homeowners and builders
  • Green certifications available for licensees, and responsibilities for licensees who sell and market green homes or who refer clients to green vendors

Green Lending:

  • Green Mortgage Basics and Options
  • Conventional Mortgages: Fannie Mae - Homestyle Energy and Freddie Mac - Green Choice
  • Government Mortgages: FHA and VA Loans

Conclusion: Question and Answer Session

This course is approved for three hours of continuing education credit for Real Estate Professionals for live classroom offerings. State Sponsors: Colorado, Florida #0005681, Georgia #8024, Hawaii #1832, Iowa #266, Kansas #ED0109, Mississippi, Missouri #50700, Montana, Nebraska #20181458, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina #1003, South Dakota, Tennessee #1685, Texas #9986, Utah #CEP5928538, Virginia #0211001245, Wyoming #186.

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