NMLS#: 805832

Title: Certified CE Instructor / Mortgage Loan Originator

Office Phone: 707-512-0888

Mobile Phone: 707-888-8230



Mike is a certified CE Instructor for Dexterity CE and a Mortgage Loan Originator

specializing in Reverse mortgages with Open Mortgage. Mike’s desire is to educate and inform Financial Professionals and Real EstateProfessionals about how homeowners can successfully integrate their mortgage into their overall long and short-term financial plan.

Mike feels like a homeowner can benefit greatly from having a Financial Planner(Asset Manager), a Tax Professional, and a Debt Manager(Mortgage

Professional) on their team to help them win the retirement game. Good people deserve great advice.

After an 8 year career in the United States Coast Guard, Mike embarked on a journey in the Real Estate finance industry. Originating his first mortgage in April of 1999 he quickly realized that a lot of folks were refinancing their home and spending the money on things like boats and other non-depreciating assets.

Every spending decision would determine if the homeowner was going to be eating spam or steak in retirement. People typically accumulate the lion’s share of their wealth in one of two places. Their home and their 401k. It just makes financial sense to pay attention and really understand how both of these assets work.

Specifically, properly managing both of these assets can infinitely impact a homeowner’s financial legacy.

Mike is passionate about educating Real estate professionals and Financial Planners about the power of informed Home Equity Management.