About Us

Dexterity CE is a continuing education provider designed to deliver designated programs to real estate agents, insurance agents, and certified financial planners to further educate them in subjects related to the mortgage industry and other financial products. We offer the highest caliber education in a live, classroom setting and webinars throughout the country.



Our CE courses are instructed by experienced educators who have been in the trenches of originating mortgages for decades and are delivered in partnership with schools, associations, firms, and brokerage offices.

Course Development

Course Development

We don’t only convey facts of mortgages – we provide practical application to the information we deliver. This allows the students to better serve their clients resulting in business development and satisfied clients. Our instructional design and research experience provide us the ability to customize our content and branding of materials to help satisfy the business objectives of our partners.

Why Reverse Mortgage Education?

With 10,000 baby boomers turning 62 every day and with mortality tables showing people are living significantly longer, this group is desperately looking for additional retirement income and savings as they try to survive on a fixed income.

A reverse mortgage allows them to borrow against arguably their highest asset, home equity. A reverse mortgage assures they are not required to make any payments on the loan until they move or die.

This growing need can be serviced through a number of professionals including those listed below. What is hindering the growth of the restructured HECM Reverse Mortgage? Education, Education, Education.

Our mission is to develop and deliver factual, ethical, and practical education to those serving the senior population on the proper and ethical use of reverse mortgages.

Available Course Offerings

The education programs by Dexterity CE focus on the ethical, legal, and strategic use of reverse mortgages.


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“Extremely interesting and very pertinent to the Real Estate business and the market today. Thank you…just great! Also good information for personal knowledge and to pass on to others.”

– Armide De La Gueronniere, Bay Street Realty Group LLC

“Rachel Edwards was a great instructor. She made us aware of opportunities available for our seniors. She was informative and answered questions directly. The course content was clear and well-delivered.”

– Shenoah, Higher Ground Real Estate LLC

“I wish I knew the information about the reverse mortgage purchase earlier. The presentation was exceptional!”

– Jimmy Collett, Prime Properties of Savannah

“Rachel Edwards was very informative and knowledgeable about the HECM for Purchase. We loved the class! She exceeded our expectations”

– Betsy Lewallen, Tucasa Realty

“Thank you, Sandy, so much! Your information about the reverse mortgage is so helpful and useful! Hope to work with you!”

– Amanda Anderson, NS Trinity, LLC

“Sandy Sasser was absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable about reverse mortgages and has a passion for them. She communicated clearly and effectively. The charts in the presentation were very helpful.”

– Martha Dever, NS Trinity, LLC

“I was not really on board with reverse mortgages until I attended the CE course “H4P- A Realtor’s Guide to Utilizing the HECM for Purchase” with Marie Greenly. I would recommend this course to anyone unfamiliar with a reverse mortgage”

– Dawn Castro, Chinowth & Cohen LLC

“Amazing information that will truly change clients’ lives and futures!”

– Brittani Carns, L B W S Owasso Inc

“Marie was great, she had great knowledge about the HECM for Purchase and was an AMAZING presenter. She was well-organized and prepared.”

– Coy LeMond, L B W S Owasso Inc

“Fun, creative, informative, and lively presenter who knows her stuff! Marie demonstrated effective communication skills.”

– Dara Sullivan, KMC Real Estate LLC

“Marie obviously knows all about reverse mortgages and she is excited about teaching it, EXCEPTIONAL!”

– Debbie Daniels, Select Management Group LLC

“The HECM for Purchase was a great class made even better by Marie Greenly, the facilitator.”

– Adriel Captain, ABWS Tulsa Inc

“Great presentation with so much enthusiasm that makes going through the 3-hour class fun.”

– Anonymous

“Thanks for sharing this product “the HECM for Purchase” with us!! Sue Christensen thoroughly understands the material she presented.”

– Anonymous

“Thank you! Sue, the instructor was very knowledgeable and the course was exceptional!”

– Anonymous

“I learned a great deal of facts. I found the H4P course to be very interesting and informative. Great examples and Q&A session.”

– Bonnie B.

“I learned more about a reverse mortgage that I did not know. Loved the real-life examples.”

– Anonymous

“The HECM for Purchase was an Interesting class since the topic is not often discussed.”

– Anonymous

“Factual presentation- clarifying the myths, and providing a relevant understanding of the reverse mortgage purchase.”

– Anonymous